• Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max
  • Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max
  • Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max
  • Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max
  • Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max

Aircraft Vacuums Pilot-Max

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Our most powerful and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner yet.
  • No 1 in T3 magazine's Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Let the robot do the dirty work. Easy 'one-touch' cleaning of all floor surfaces.
  • Large twin Brush Blades for incredible cleaning of every type of floor.
  • Intelligent navigation.
  • Automatically returns to Charging Dock.
  • Daily scheduler.
  • Long Side Brush cleans against walls and into corners.
  • Long range RF LCD remote control.
  • Spot Cleaning.
  • Ledge Sensors ensure PILOT MAX will be safe around stairs.
  • Virtual Wall, extra Filter and extra Side Brush included.
  • Nowhere for dirt to hide

    PILOT MAX uses advanced navigation software to continually scan the room, making instant decisions based on input from the numerous external sensors, ensuring no spot is left uncovered.

    It’s our best robot vacuum yet, and we install twin rotating beater bars on the underside of each one – a traditional fibre brush bar and a tough rubber brush bar, which work together in opposite directions to each other to efficiently collect dirt, dust and hair from your floors, ensuring every type of surface is cleaned thoroughly. We think this works even better than your regular vacuum cleaner! And the extra long Side Brush gets into corners and edges, sweeping dust bunnies into the suction inlet.

    Versatile, Powerful and Efficient

    PILOT MAX has been designed to clean every floor type – including carpets, tiles, hardwood and linoleum.

    Suction is adjusted automatically in microseconds, to perfectly suit the level of dirt and floor type being cleaned. This ensures your floors are cleaned ultra efficiently. Your PILOT MAX will travel seamlessly from one floor surface to the next, and over door thresholds, with no need for adjustments.

    PILOT MAX cleans for up to 2 hours per cleaning cycle, before automatically returning to its Charging Dock, and cleans an average sized room (4 x 4 metres) in around 15-20 minutes.
    Pet friendly
    Easy One-Touch Operation
    Spot Cleaning
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