• Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle
  • Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle
  • Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle
  • Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle
  • Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle

Boo Living Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel Bundle

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Boo Living Towels The Choice of Quality Hotels
This Hotel Quality Boo Living Towel Bundle consists of:
1 x  Bath Sheet
1 x bath Towel
1 x Hand Towel
1 Face Cloth

The Most Technically Advanced, Energy Efficient Cotton Towel ever with a 10 year warranty!

Advantages Of Boo Living Towels:

  • Reduced Drying Times Up To 40% - PROVED And Guaranteed! 
  • Reduced Water Consumption By 15%, Fact! 
  • The Loops Will Not Snag - Passes The Wire Brush Test 
  • The Selvedges Will Not Frey 
  • The Hems Will Not Split 
  • At Least 3 Times The Life Of Normal Towels 
  • Big Savings On Water And Energy 
  • Quick Dry Properties 
  • Eco Friendly And Reduced Drying Costs 
  • Lower Emissions Lead To Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Enviromentally Friendly! 
  • Reduced Laundering Costs. As A Result Of Quicker Drying Times, GUARANTEED!  
  • Bleach Does Not Weaken The Base Thereby Eliminating Risk Of Tears And Holes 
  • Longer Loop On The Pile Than Standard Towels 
  • More Luxurious 
  • No Differential Shrinkage 
  • No Bottleneck Effect & Awkward Hanging Towels 
  • Luxurious & Great Absorbancy 
  • Exceptional Colour Fastness The Boo Living Towels Are Guaranteed For A Period Of Ten Years From The Date Of Purchase. 

Guaranteed  Against Snagging, Pulled Loops And Fraying Of Selvedges And Hems. Subject To Normal Domestic Machine Washing, Tumble Or Line Drying. 

The Fastest Drying Cotton Towels in the World! 

The incredible fast drying properties of the Boo Living towels prevent mould build up and stagnant water on your towels; thus, reducing the likelihood of germs growing in your bathroom and towels becoming smelly and discoloured. Boo Living towels are proven to dry up to 50% quicker! Both in a tumble dryer or on a line Saving time and money on your drying costs. The quality Double Tree Hilton Hotel have opted to put these outstanding towels for their hotel chain for this very reason

  Join the fast drying, energy saving revolution and buy yours today! 

Quality and Luxury for Your Home or Your Business

Ideal for hotel , B&B owners or simply at home. When you consider the amount of washing and drying your towels are subjected to in their lifetime, you want to ensure you save money on washing and drying, as well as reducing the need to re-purchase towels that have lost their shape or colour and have snagged or frayed. Towels you put in your hotel or B&B need to reflect quality and pride in what you do. Likewise, for beauty rooms or spas, relaxation and luxury should come as standard for you and your customers.

Use Boo Living Towels at home or in your business and  be blown away at the incredible quality and durability of these fantastic towels, the last towel you'll buy at least not for the next 10 years!