• Crystal Rouge Toothpaste
  • Crystal Rouge Toothpaste
  • Crystal Rouge Toothpaste
  • Crystal Rouge Toothpaste
  • Crystal Rouge Toothpaste

Crystal Rouge Toothpaste

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Crystal Rouge is the most amazing toothpaste for a beautiful smile all day long!

First of all Crystal Rouge a fantastic Teeth cleaner which can be used by all the family and is 100% safe to use because It has no bleach so it will not harm your teeth and gums. It's natural ingredients include fluoride which strengthens teeth and keeps them in perfect condition. It also has non abrasive cleaners which clean the teeth without causing damage.  Crystal Rouge cleans and brightens teeth whilst conditioning gums making them stronger and looking more healthy giving you the perfect smile all through the day.

The most amazing thing about this unique toothpaste is that is makes your teeth look white and your gums and mouth look healthy INSTANTLY AND WITHOUT BLEACH!

Crystal Rouge has natural brighteners to make teeth look crystal clean but because it is a rouge it also conditions gums and mouth giving them a beautiful pink look whilst making your teeth look whiter and brighter.

It's unique formula has been a secret for over 100 years and quite simply there is no other toothpaste like it.  It's been used by celebrities and models all over the globe for decades to enhance their smile and look which is so important when in the public eye.

Make no mistake this is a premium product which up until now was very expensive to buy the normal price for 50Mg was around £49

DSTV are offering this amazing product at a fantastic price of just £19.00

Once you have used Crystal Rouge you will not use anything else so with every purchase you will receive  a 50% discount voucher off this price so in future you will be able to purchase Crystal Rouge at the discount price of just £9.50 for 50mg

Make your teeth look whiter and cleaner and  your gums and mouth look healthier with the amazing

Crystal Rouge Toothpaste and Gum Enhancer.