Tao CBD - Sport Bundle

Tao CBD - Sport Bundle

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This bundle combines Tao's gummies, oral drops, hemp teabags and isolate powder for the ultimate CBD bundle. 

The 10mg vegan-friendly, Broad-spectrum CBD gummies are soft pectin, sugar-coated jelly sweets in mixed fruit flavours created to mask the raw taste of the broad-spectrum distillate, which is infused into the jelly for maximum bioavailability.

Broad Spectrum Oral Drops are the most popular way of taking CBD, Tao's drops come in 30ml bottles with either Natural or Orange flavours. 

Each Tao CBD Hemp teabag is made with 4g of the best quality milled hemp from a single Artisan Origin. In common with the ancient Chinese, our hemp teabags use the best pieces of the plant and flower. That’s 4g of prime-quality hemp which brews you a perfect cup of tea every time.

TAO Isolate powder is for those just want the purest form of CBD that money can buy. Tao's Isolate powder is 99.9% pure CBD. This product can be taken directly and dissolved under the tongue or can be added to:

  • Drinks and shakes
  • Topical creams
  • Salads

Many of Tao's customers also use the Isolate powder alongside their Oral Drops for a more targeted localised impact when it comes to specific aches, pains and injuries

Bundle Includes

  • Vegan CBD Gummies
  • CBD Oral Drops
  • Hemp Teabags
  • Isolate Powder

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