• Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years  8 CD Collection - FREE P&P
  • Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years  8 CD Collection - FREE P&P
  • Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years  8 CD Collection - FREE P&P
  • Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years  8 CD Collection - FREE P&P
  • Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years  8 CD Collection - FREE P&P

Sun Record Company 50 Golden Years 8 CD Collection - FREE P&P


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1952-2002 Rare and classic recordings, limited edition of only 5000 copies - Each box numbered


Disc 1: Sun Rise - In The Beginning
1-1 Jackie Boy (2) & Little Walter (3) Selling My Whiskey
1-2 Joe Hill Louis We All Gotta Go Sometime
1-3 Rufus 'Hound Dog' Thomas, Jr.* Bear Cat
1-4 The Prisonaires Baby Please
1-5 Little Junior's Blue Flames Feelin' Good
1-6 The Ripley Cotton Choppers* Silver Bell
1-7 Little Milton Beggin' My Baby
1-8 Coy "Hot Shot" Love* Wolf Call Boogie
1-9 Earl Peterson Boogie Blues
1-10 Billy "The Kid" Emerson* No Teasin' Around
1-11 Doug Poindexter & The Starlite Wranglers My Kind Of Carryin' On
1-12 Harmonica Frank* The Great Medical Menagerist
1-13 Buddy Cunningham Right Or Wrong
1-14 Malcolm Yelvington & His Star Rhythm Boys* Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
1-15 Carl Perkins Movie Magg
1-16 Charlie Feathers Peepin' Eyes
1-17 Slim Rhodes Uncertain Love
1-18 The Miller Sisters* Someday You Will Pay
1-19 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two Cry! Cry! Cry!
1-20 Smokey Joe (5) With The Clive Leoppard Band* The Signifying Monkey
1-21 Rosco Gordon The Chicken (Dance With You)
1-22 Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings Ooby Dooby
1-23 Jean Chapel Welcome To The Club
1-24 Billy Riley* Rock With Me Baby
1-25 The Rhythm Rockers* Jukebox, Help Me Find My Baby
1-26 Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano* Crazy Arms
Disc 2: Sun Stars - The Principals
2-1 Little Junior's Blue Flames Mystery Train
2-2 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
2-3 The Prisonaires Just Walkin' In The Rain
2-4 Billy "The Kid" Emerson* Red Hot
2-5 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two I Walk The Line
2-6 Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
2-7 The Million Dollar Quartet Paralyzed
2-8 Warren Smith (3) Rock 'n' Roll Ruby
2-9 Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings Go! Go! Go!
2-10 Sonny Burgess We Wanna Boogie
2-11 Bill Justis & His Orchestra* Raunchy
2-12 Gene Simmons (2) Drinkin' Wine
2-13 Billy Riley & His Little Green Men* Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll
2-14 Dickey Lee & The Collegiates Dreamy Nights
2-15 Tracy Pendarvis & The Swampers* A Thousand Guitars
2-16 Carl McVoy Tootsie
2-17 Johnny Carroll That's The Way I Love
2-18 Onie Wheeler Walkin' Shoes
2-19 Ray Smith Shake Around
2-20 Carl Mann Pretend
2-21 Ray Harris (3) Greenback Dollar, Watch And Chain
2-22 Charlie Rich Rebound
2-23 Earl Hooker The Hucklebuck
2-24 Thomas Wayne Tragedy
2-25 Barbara Pittman I Need A Man
2-26 Bill Pinky & The Turks After The Hop
Disc 3: Sun Cream - The Key Components
3-1 Jerry Lee Lewis With His Pumping Piano* Great Balls Of Fire
3-2 Sonny Burgess Ain't Got A Thing
3-3 Rufus Thomas, Jr.* Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
3-4 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two Guess Things Happen That Way
3-5 The Million Dollar Quartet I Shall Not Be Moved
3-6 Carl Perkins Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
3-7 Alton & Jimmy No More Cryin' The Blues
3-8 Billy Riley & The Little Green Men* Pearly Lee
3-9 Malcolm Yelvington It's Me Baby
3-10 Ike Turner & Bonnie Turner Love Is A Gamble
3-11 Warren Smith (3) Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
3-12 Bill Justis & His Orchestra* Flea Circus
3-13 Jean Chapel I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight
3-14 Roy Orbison Claudette
3-15 Ray Smith You Made A Hit
3-16 Smokey Joe (5) Listen To Me Baby
3-17 Billy 'The Kid' Emerson* Little Fine Healthy Thing
3-18 Mack Self Vibrate
3-19 Edwin Bruce* Rock Boppin' Baby
3-20 Eddie Bond Broke My Guitar
3-21 Narvel Felts My Babe
3-22 The Hawk (5) In The Mood
3-23 Carl Mann Ain't Got No Home
3-24 Rosco Gordon Sally Jo
3-25 Slim Rhodes Take And Give
3-26 Charlie Rich Popcorn Polly
Disc 4: Sun Shades - Rockabilly Central
4-1 Carl Perkins Put Your Cat Clothes On
4-2 Andy Anderson (2) Johnny Valentine
4-3 Ernie Barton Rainin' The Blues
4-4 Johnny Bernero Cotton Pickin' Boogie
4-5 Tommy Blake & The Rhythm Rebels You Better Believe It
4-6 Cliff Gleaves Love Is My Business
4-7 Sonny Burgess What'cha Gonna Do
4-8 Jack Earls & The Jimbos* Take Me To That Place
4-9 Hayden Thompson Love My Baby
4-10 Roy Orbison The Cause Of It All
4-11 Ken Cook (2) Don't Be Runnin' Wild (Problem Child)
4-12 Jimmy Haggett Rock Me Baby
4-13 The Miller Sisters* Ten Cats Down
4-14 Wade & Dick The College Kids* Bop, Bop Baby
4-15 Jerry McGill & The Topcoats* Lovestruck
4-16 Patsy Holcomb Ooh, That's Good
4-17 Ray Harris (3) Come On Little Mama
4-18 Narvel Felts Did You Tell Me
4-19 Glenn Honeycutt Rock All Night
4-20 Dick Penner Fine Little Baby
4-21 Barbara Pittman With The Bill Justis Orchestra Everlasting Love
4-22 Johnny Powers Me And My Rhythm Guitar
4-23 Jim Williams* Fire Engine Red
4-24 Johnny Carroll Rock Baby, Rock It
4-25 The Four Dukes* Baby Doll
4-26 Billy Riley & The Little Green Men* Baby Please Don't Go
Disc 5: Sun Styles - Rockabilly Crucial
5-1 Warren Smith (3) I've Got Love If You Want It
5-2 Jerry Lee Lewis Ubangi Stomp
5-3 Edwin Bruce* Sweet Woman
5-4 Jack Earls & The Jimbos* Let's Bop
5-5 Teddy Reidel Me And My Blues
5-6 Mack Vickery Drive-In
5-7 Cliff & Barbara Thomas Jumpin' Jack
5-8 Roy Orbison Domino
5-9 Malcolm Yelvington Yakety Yak
5-10 Tommy Blake Sweetie Pie
5-11 Ray Harris (3) Lonely Wolf
5-12 Carl Perkins Look At The Moon
5-13 The Kirby Sisters Red Velvet
5-14 Hayden Thompson Don't You Worry
5-15 Mack Self Mad At You
5-16 Louie Robertson I'm Gonna Rock
5-17 Carl Mann Baby I Don't Care
5-18 Tracy Pendarvis & The Swampers* Beat It
5-19 Macy Skipper Bop Pills
5-20 Kenny Parchman I Feel Like Rockin'
5-21 Ernie Barton She's Gone Away
5-22 Joe Lewis (4) Life's Too Short To Live
5-23 Jimmy Pritchett That's The Way I Feel
5-24 Rudy Grayzell Judy
5-25 Jimmy Wages Miss Pearl
5-26 Ray Smith Right Behind You Baby
Disc 6: Sun Streams - Blues & Country
6-1 Billy 'The Kid' Emerson* Move, Baby Move
6-2 Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two Get Rhythm
6-3 James Cotton My Baby
6-4 Earl Peterson Michigan's Singing Cowboy* In The Dark
6-5 Rudi Richardson Fools Hall Of Fame
6-6 Carl Perkins Tennessee
6-7 Doctor Ross The Boogie Disease
6-8 Bill Taylor (5) & Smokey Jo* With Clyde Leopard's Snearly Ranch Boys* Split Personality
6-9 The Jones Brothers (3) Look To Jesus
6-10 Ernie Chaffin Feelin' Low
6-11 Willie Nix The Memphis Blue Boy* Baker Shop Boogie
6-12 Smokey Joe Baugh* Hula Bop
6-13 Eddie Snow Ain't That Right
6-14 Onie Wheeler Tell 'Em Off
6-15 Sammy Lewis With Willie Johnson (4) I Feel So Worried
6-16 Buddy Blake Please Convince Me
6-17 Little Junior's Blue Flames Feelin' Bad
6-18 Jack Clement Ten Years
6-19 Jimmy DeBerry Time Has Made A Change
6-20 Texas Bill Strength* Call Of The Wild
6-21 The Five Tinos* Don't Do That!
6-22 David Houston Sherry's Lips
6-23 Rosco Gordon Cheese And Crackers
6-24 Jimmy Louis Gone And Left Me Blues
6-25 Frank Frost Jelly Roll King
6-26 Dane Stinit Don't Knock What You Don't Understand
Disc 7: Sun Set - Still Flying The Flag
7-1 Brad Suggs 706 Union
7-2 Mack Owen Walkin' And Talkin'
7-3 Billy Adams (13) Reconsider Baby
7-4 George* & Louis* The Return Of Jerry Lee
7-5 Eddie Bush (2) Hey Baby Doll
7-6 Vernon Taylor Sweet And Easy To Love
7-7 The Memphis Belles* Featuring Shirley* Snow Job
7-8 Bill Johnson (7) You Better Dig It
7-9 Anita Wood I'll Wait Forever
7-10 Thomas Wayne I've Got It Made
7-11 Ray B. Anthony* Alice Blue Gown
7-12 Roland Janes Rolando
7-13 Curtis Hoback* Apron Strings
7-14 Don Hinton Honey Bee
7-15 Harold Dorman Uncle Jonah's Place
7-16 Ira Jay II* You Don't Love Me Anymore
7-17 Danny Stewart Somewhere Along The Line
7-18 Wade Cagle & The Escorts* Groovy Train
7-19 Jeb Stuart I Betcha' Gonna Like It
7-20 Bobby Wood Everybody's Searching
7-21 Charlie Rich Sittin' And Thinkin'
7-22 The Quintones (3) Times Sho' Gettin' Ruff
7-23 Randy & The Radiants Peek-A-Boo
7-24 The Jesters (8) Night Train From Chicago
7-25 The Climates Breaking Up Again
7-26 Load Of Mischief Back In My Arms Again
Disc 8: Sun Days - From The Source, In Words And Music, Sun Movers & Shakers Tell It Like It Was...
8-1 Sonny Burgess Red Headed Woman
8-2 Jack Clement The Black Haired Man
8-3 Billy Riley* Trouble Bound
8-4 Malcolm Yelvington Rockin' With My Baby
8-5 Rufus Thomas, Jr.* Save That Money
8-6 Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano* Little Queenie
8-7 Gene Simmons (2) I Done Told You
8-8 Carl Perkins The Rockin' Guitar Man* Lend Me Your Comb
8-9 Barbara Pittman Two Young Fools In Love
8-10 Dickey Lee & The Collegiates Good Lovin'
8-11 Charlie Rich With The Gene Lowery Chorus*, Cecil Scaife Lonely Weekends
8-12 Billy 'The Kid' Emerson* When It Rains It Pours
8-13 Carl Mann Mona Lisa
8-14 Jerry Lee LewisJ.M. Van Eaton* Hillbilly Fever
8-15 Johnny Powers Be Mine, All Mine
8-16 The Jesters (8)Jerry Phillips Cadillac Man
7" Vinyl Single, Elvis Presley, The First Sun Recordings
I1 Elvis Presley My Happiness*
I2 Elvis Presley That's When Your Heartaches Begin*



2002 These sound recordings excluding interview excerpts are issued under licence from Charly Licensing ApS to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. The sound recordings (*) are issued under licence from the Sun Entertainment Corporation and Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to Santuary Records Group Ltd. The copyright in this compilation is owned by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.