QS 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer TODAY&
QS 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer TODAY&
QS 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer TODAY&
QS 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer TODAY&

QS 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer TODAY'S SPECIAL DEAL!

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  • Pre-Set 10 One-Touch Cooking Functions
  • Guided Cooking Prompts with optimal Preheat and Turn Food reminders
  • FryForce 360° Technology with air for up to 80% less fat
  • 32°C to 200°C temperature range, up to 24 hours with auto shut-off
  • Digital Dual Time/Temperature Control
  • - Optional Preheat and Turn Food Reminders
    - Auto Shut-off
    - Includes Dishwasher Safe Basket, Crisper Tray, and Multi-purpose Rack
  • Enjoy healthy meals and slash away those greasy calories with this 6.7 Ltr Digital Air Fryer. Fry Force 360° Technology cooks food quickly and evenly with little to no oil. 12 One-Touch Cooking Functions allow you to air fry, bake, dehydrate and more - with just a tap. Easily adjust temperature and time on the display that offers Guided Cooking Prompts, notifying you when to add food after preheating and turn food during cooking. The non-stick air fry basket and crisper tray are easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleanup.

    FryForce 360° Technology offers:

    Powerful Circulation
    Targets food with fast, super-heated air from every direction

    Healthy Eating
    Enjoy all of your favorite foods with little to no oil

    Perfect Crisp
    Ensures food gets golden on the outside and stays moist inside

    Express Heat System
    Cooks food up to 30% faster than most ovens

    Real deep-fried flavor without the extra calories.

    12 One-Touch Cooking Functions: Air Fry, Fries, Wings, Bacon, Seafood, Vegetables, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate,

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