Adjustable Super Soft Shower Head
Adjustable Super Soft Shower Head

Adjustable Super Soft Shower Head

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This is an exclusive product from the UK-based Super Soft Shower Head Company and comes with a ​​​5-year warranty.
This adjustable shower head has a 5 stage filtration system, 125mm long handle, stainless steel water saving disc, 3 spray patterns with an easy-to-use adjusting switch.

  • The jet spray is great for rinsing out the shower cubicle or bath when you've finished.
  • Water can be directed onto any aches and pains for relief.
  • Soft spray is a weaker setting for those with sensitive skin, and skin allergies such as eczema. Can also be used for washing pets.
  • Both sprays together create a more forceful shower for those with limited water pressure but still want an extra powerful wash.

Remember you always get something free at DSTV and with this shower head you get a set of minerals absolutely free of charge!


Happy Customers


Adjustable Supersoft Shower Head

This is a fantastic shower head the water comes out through the stone lovely soft cleaner feeling best shower ever

Alex from Runcorn

Quest 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

I bought one of these. It's the best money I have spent in a long time and i have let a friend borrow it and now she's is buying one

Deborah from Wales

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