Optimus 3 Steam Mop
Optimus 3 Steam Mop

Optimus 3 Steam Mop

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The Optimus 3 Steam Mop has a revolutionary new design using a modular system to produce a multi-functional cleaning products suitable for use around the home. The Optimus 3 can be used on hard floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery, walls and tiles, splash backs, glass, bedding and so much more!

By incorporating the steam boiler in the removable mop heads the Optimus 3 produces steam at 130C at the boiler outlet and 100C where the mop pad touches the surface - killing 99.9% of bacteria and sanitising floor surfaces.

Another brilliant feature of the Optimus 3 is the built-in anti-calcium cartridge.
If you live in a hard water area you know the issues that it can cause. But with the Optimus steam mop, all the water passes through the cartridge before it gets to the boiler so all the limescale is removed, ensuring the longevity of the steam mop.

Another special feature of the Optimus 3, the boiler, this is in the head of the mop so super-heated steam is millimetres from the floor surface – right where it’s needed to effectively clean and sanitise through the toughest of grime.

The Optimus 3 has a Modular design with interchangeable mop heads for different cleaning jobs.

- Triangular Head for hard floors, walls and tiles
- Rectangular Head for your carpets which is supplied with a special carpet glider for
freshening and deodorising your carpets and can also be used to clean your mattress.

The handle can also be positioned at multiple lengths, it sits at 125cm full length perfect for floors and carpets or can be shortened to 68cm perfect for use as a hand held steam mop mean cleaning upholstery or mattresses.

In the box:

  • Complete Handle Assembly with water tank
  • Anti-calc cartridge system,
  • Mains cord holder,
  • 5 metre mains cable
  • Connector Tube
  • JAL703 Triangular Mop Head
  • 2 x replacement mop pads for triangular mop head
  • Water Filler Bottle
  • Full Instruction Booklet
  • JAL701 Rectangular Mop Head
  • Carpet Glider
  • 2 x replacement mop pads for rectangular mop head

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