Tao CBD - Lifestyle Bundle

Tao CBD - Lifestyle Bundle

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This bundle pairs Tao's Revo Gel with their Oral Drops to provide an effective bundle to help aid joint & muscle pain for sports and arthritic use.

Tao’s Revo Gel was developed for cyclists to speed up their recovery after heavy training sessions. The Revo Gel formulation uses tried and tested Essential Oils alongside 2 types of CBD to provide relief for Muscle and Joint pain. Since going on sale, many of our noncycling customers have been telling us how they have been using Revo Gel to combat persistent joint pain. So regardless if you are an athlete or if you are housebound why not give Revo a try on those aching bones?

Directions for Sports usage
Apply 2 squirts to the affected Joint or Muscle 1 hour before exercise. Massage Revo Gel into your skin until it is fully absorbed. Repeat 1 hour before bedtime. Use until symptoms subside.

For chronic (Arthritic) joint pain
Apply 1 squirt to each affected joint (hip, knee, ankle, etc) each morning before you get dressed. Again repeat with 1 squirt an hour before bed on the affected area.

Broad Spectrum Oral Drops are the most popular way of taking CBD, our drops come in 30ml bottles with either Natural or Orange flavours.

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